Marta’s Gesha El Salvador

Marta’s Gesha El Salvador

Marta’s Gesha El Salvador

Marta’s Gesha El Salvador

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Not all farms are the same. We admire Martha Yaneth Lemus’ farm because it has a ton of old growth trees, providing shade and fresh pine scents for the entire farm.

On the 2 manzana farm that is Finca San Antonio, Martha grows Pacamara and Gesha. This small plot was given to her when her father passed, breaking up his 20 manzana farm into 7 sections for each son and daughter. With the help of her husband, Jonny, and brother, Carlos, she is able to grow and process beautiful microlots as small as 1 bag. This level of separation is unpresecented, and allows us to really hone in on the vibrant flavors of Chalatenango.

When Martha isn’t tending to her coffee trees, she is a math teacher in the local school. Her husband also pulls double duty, working in construction alongside coffee. Without massive volumes and with rising costs for producers, it is admirable and difficult to see familys producing top tier coffees.

The secret formula here is selective handpicking, floatation, 3-7 days in an anaerobic barrel before drying on raised beds in shade. We love how boozy and intense this microlot is, compared to the crisp and citric Pacamara Honey microlot.

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El Salvador




Marta Yaneth Lemus




1500 masl



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Peach, Watermelon, Wild Strawberry


12 oz, 5 lb