Finca Don Jaime El Salvador Gesha

Finca Don Jaime El Salvador Gesha


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Finca Don Jaime is named for its owner, Jaime Guevara, who grows coffee on 6 manzanas of land, a combination of Pacamara, Pacas, SL-28, and Gesha varieties. Jaime has worked in coffee for nearly 20 years years, after asking his father how to grow and produce it. Jaime’s son told his father, “Dad, when you die, I am going to plant a coffee tree on top of you”β€”and Jaime takes it as a compliment! Jaime says that growing coffee “is my life, it’s exactly what I want to do.” He loves to be at his farm, and while he has had many jobs in his life, coffee is what makes him happiest. We met Jaime when we travelled with Unity to Chalatenango and participated in the Best Cup auction. His coffee is in such high demand, that it took several years for Commissary to get a lot. We noticed he is both humble and strives for excellence, and has remarkable processing talent. This honey process comes across as super bright and crisp, with complex notes that shine through impeccable cleanliness.

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El Salvador




Jaime Guevarra






1450-1600 masl

Flavor profile

Honeycomb, Lemon Drop, Raspberry


12 oz, 5 lb