Yinyini Pink Fruits Colombia Natural

Yinyini Pink Fruits Colombia Natural

Yinyini Pink Fruits Colombia Natural

Yinyini Pink Fruits Colombia Natural

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Yinyini is back! We love having his coffee on the menu due to the intensely fruited cup profile and dedicated work ethic he puts into his farm. He utilizes very small batches of anaerobically fermented cherries, drying them in protection from the rain over 30 days. This is a very long time for coffee!

This one is named pink fruits because it is a mixture of intentionally planted pink bourbon and randomly mutated pink cherries on his farm. This may have been luck, it may have been cross pollination, or it may have been just what we needed to get an incrediblly fruited and fun flavor profile.

Whean Unity visited Yinyini in May, we were finally able to see why his farm is so special. As he grows certified organic, he breaks stereotypes as his land is super fertile. The soil was fully intact, it smelled wonderful, and we could pick cherries off the trees and pop them into our mouths, knowing full well the safety of organic farming. Most coffee farms need non-organic inputs (fertilizers, pesticides) to thrive. Yinyini has a special thing going.

This is Yinyini’s first harvest of pink fruits. We aim to roast it with care to cleanly articulate the wild acidity and complex flavor notes found in his coffee.

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Natural Anaerobic Yeast Fermentation


Yinyini Avilez Tabera


Planadas, Tolima


1850 MASL


Pink Fruits

Flavor profile

Cabernet, Orange Zest, Strawberry Jam