Loma La Gloria Natural El Salvador

Loma La Gloria Natural El Salvador

Loma La Gloria Natural El Salvador

Loma La Gloria Natural El Salvador

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Anny Ruth took over management of her grandfather’s farm and turned it into a flavortown powerhouse. located not far from the capital of San Salvador, literally on a volcanic slope, this farm is fertile, healthy, and beautiful.

She mainly only grows red bourbon. This is a huge risk, as bourbon is prone to disease and low yeilds. The reward is huge sweetness and flavor.

Anny only processes natural and honey, essentially eliminating water usage from her processing. She gets these incredible results on the honeys by maximizing the remaining mucilage, having her pulper set “coarse”, and patio drying in large piles. She gets the varying honeys by altering the size of hte pile andh ow frequently it turns. Red honey implies a medium pile size and medium amount of turning, aiming for a balance of cleanliness and wild flavors.

Anny is vertically integrated, dry milling and exporting the coffee herself. This drives up revenue for the producer, lets her employ her own team, and be in charge of her own product. She lives here in SoCal many months of the year, making producer access easy and meaningful.

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El Salvador


El Bálsamo Quetzaltepec


Anny Ruth Pimentel




1500 masl


Yellow Bourbon

Flavor profile

Cherry Cola, Macadamia, Snickerdoodle


12 oz, 5 lb