Naranjo Lavado Guatemala

Naranja Lavado

Naranjo Lavado Guatemala

Naranja Lavado


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This is Commissary’s first experiment with fruit co-fermentation!

A good amount of the coffee in the Commissary Blend, Commissary Cold Brew, and drip offerings come from the Villatoro Family. They have a very consistent crop, and we can directly negotiate our price with them. While many of these coffees are washed or
natural, an increasing amount is fun experiments such as this offering.

This lot is co-fermented with oranges from the same farm that the coffee comes from. Oranges were put both in the fermentation tank, along with the raised beds in the drying phase after being fully washed.

When Adam from Unity and Milton spoke before last harvest, they planned a fruit co-ferment that would lead to great results but not be overbearing. Other farms doing fruit processes are producing very wild, overly affected coffee. We wanted to do something subtle and great for every day drinking.

A fun video of workers putting in some oranges in the open fermentation tanks shows the subtly of this process.

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Milton Villatoro


Orange Washed


1600-1900 MASL


Bourbon, Caturra

Flavor profile

Cacao, Raisin, Ripe Cantaloupe, Tangerine


12 oz, 5 lb